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“Ghost Adventure” Goes Live On Halloween

“Ghost Hunter” is going on live for the Halloween celebrators on Saturday. The “Ghost Adventure” crew is covering a live event at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for a total of seven hours. The preparation was started long back and the crew started filming from Thursday night itself.

The Travel Channel Executive Producer, Mr. Charlie Parsons said that the crew went on a live chat for the promotion of the live show and many people had turned up. Dawn Ferrebee, driving down from Salem said that she took every chance to volunteer and moreover, she loved the “Ghost Adventures”. Along with her was Chuck Rogan who came down from Lumberport and said that he watched the “Ghost Adventures” every time they came on air. Kay Beane was there, taking pictures and saying that “It looks to be like two doctors in a window a long time ago.”

The fans were not to be left back. They had bought proof along with them that the hospital was haunted and was told by the crew to look exactly where the action would be taking place. Beane said that the tunnels, are places where the patients used to be chained, and Dawn claimed that she had heard a lot of stories belonging to activities in the 4th floor.

The asylum has been given the best of security measures possible and all the excitement can be felt from the screens too. The whole asylum, inside-out, is filed up with exited people wanting to be “scared”.

Inside, the “Ghost Adventure” crew is looking up for paranormal happenings and proofs, whereas outside the viewers are waiting to see what can be uncovered. Now its to be seen whether the ‘ghosts ‘ do come out on the eve of Halloween or not.

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Tsundere is Love

I miss the old-school tsundere characters. Several years back before the moe bubble came along, there were plenty of really good tsunderekko that were really loveable. Feisty ones like Chidori Kaname, Narusegawa Naru and Soryu Asuka Langley are definitely some of the best tsundere girls ever. EVER.

These days we get lots of boring and predictable tsundere types like Shana, Louise, Kyou and Taiga. They’d get physical, then blush and stutter at the moments we can oh so easily predict. It would actually be a surprise if they didn’t go dere-dere at such moments. Thankfully there are still tsundere gems like Senjougahara and Aoba to compensate for that.

Of course, then Type-Moon just had to come along with Rin, Akiha and Shiki before shutting off pretty much everyone else…

There are many, many reasons I thought I wouldn't like Ninja Girls. It pretty much screams its fan-service-y orientation on its cover. In spite of that, the first volume not only entertained, it even made me laugh out loud a number of times.

Now let's get this out of the way. Ninja Girls is ridiculous. And more fun than it should be. The so-called "ninja girls" are wearing insanely anachronistic outfits even though the manga takes place during Japan's Warring States period and the protagonist is a boy with a horn on his head. In spite of this, there is a steady thread of rather dumb, but almost sweetly goofy, humor running throughout the entire volume.

The basic plot is a young teenager with a horn on his head has been an outcast his entire life. Alone and trying to make ends meet by doing services here and there for local townspeople, he only has his mother's funeral statue to keep him company. But luckily she manages to communicate with him by falling off the mantle at curiously odd times....and often boinking him on the head whenever he's about to do something stupid (I honestly think this was both the funniest and strangest part of the book).

One day, horn-boy's loneliness comes to end when he discovers a voluptuous girl drowning in the river. Being the stand-up gentlemen that he is, he rescues her (which involves too many modern attempts at reviving her -- seriously, why would he know CPR for god's sake?). This is all very cliche as clothes are removed, of course, and she wakes up thinking she's been violated (ur, not so hilarious), but the story moves past that pretty quickly. Eventually they discover that she's actually been looking for him. His horn is proof that he's the heir to some important household in Japan and there are some nasty ninjas who want to eliminate him.

So horn-boy needs protection and now he's got it in a surprisingly demure and innocent female ninja whose random power is great strength when the one she loves is looking at her (she turns to stone basically). Now, that the basic story is set up the rest of the volume involves the collection of two other ninja "girls" (*cough* there's a reason I'm putting "girls" in quotation marks, but the fun is learning why) in his "harem." Essentially they are there to protect him and help him take his rightful inheritance. I'm pretty sure he's there to make sure they don't bitch slap each other into oblivion.

Each girl has a distinct personality and interacts with our young master quite differently. If the first ninja girl is a stereotype of the willing young maiden, the second is pure Tsundere (& she's got an eye patch, which natch, makes her cool). The third is a manipulative schemer, but the surprising part of this book is that the characterization is consistent and not willfully shallow. The fanservice ends up being mainly backdrop and in spite of the fact the girls look like they've been put on earth to be leered at, nobody in the manga pays much mind to it. Even the "horny" boy (god, what an awful pun) develops a crush on stone-girl, it isn't just because he's horny but because he does care for her. Each individual chapter plays a bit with cliche situations we've probably seen in every shonen harem manga (example: horn-boy gets sick, has to be nursed to health...but then they go so crazy nursing him, he gets sicker), but I think the point is that the creator is having fun with tropes of the genre, not merely mindlessly reproducing them.

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Rocko Rapper and Monica Arnold Still Standing

Its a great news for Monica Arnold’s fan. Monica’s documentary on her life, will be aired on BET TV, from October 27. Her show will be named as “Monica: Still Standing” which resembles one of her favorite songs, “Still Standing“. The show will reflect her musical career as well as her personal life.
The name of the show bear a significance as Monica Arnold is still standing after her personal tragedies.
Monica Denise Arnold , professionally known as Monica, is an American R&B singer, songwriter, and occasional actress. She was born in October 24, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Following a major success with “The Boy Is Mine“, a duet with singer Brandy, and a same-titled second album in 1998, a series of hit records established her position as one of the most successful urban R&B female vocalists to emerge in the mid-to late 1990s.

Monica Arnold has also achieved fame for appearing in several film and television productions, including supporting roles in big screen motion pictures Boys and Girls (2000) and ATL (2006) and a starring role in the MTV Films telefilm Love Song (2000).

In 2000, Monica Arnold’s boyfriend Jarvis Weems killed himself before Monica. Weems was her childhood friend and a local drug dealer. On July 18, 2000, Monica and Weems were going to a cemetery to visit the grave of Troy Weems, the younger brother of Jarvis, died in a car accident.On the way, all on a sudden , Jarvis Weems pulled out a gun and shot himself in the car.

Monica thought the reason behind Weem’s suicide was depression over his affair.

From 2001 to 2003 Monica was dating Corey “C-Murder” Miller who was later arrested in a murder case. It was not a successful relationship.

Now Rocko is fiance of R&B singer Monica. Monica Arnold was engaged to Rocko on December 24, 2007.

Rocko is Rodney Hill, Jr, an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He is signed to So So Def/Island Urban through his own Rocky Road Records imprint. His debut album, Self-Made, was released on March 18, 2008. The album sold nearly 28,000 copies in its first week of release.

Monica and Rocko have two children, Rodney III and Romello, who is named after Monica’s younger brother.

R&B singer Monica celebrated her 29th birthday Friday night (Oct 23) at Atlanta’s popular nightspot Luckie Food Lounge. Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, along with her close friends and family.
Monica dealt with lots of personal tribulations including the suicide of her boyfriend, and a tumultuous relationship with former fiance Corey “C-Murder” Miller. She had also gone through an unsuccessful period when her third and fourth albums All Eyez on Me (2002) and After the Storm respectively flopped badly. Monica then released her fifth studio album, The Makings of Me in October 2006.

Monica’s sixth album Still Standing will release on December 9th, but in the meantime you can take a look at her on her new BET reality series Monica : Still Standing after the Hip Hop Awards.
Monica is still standing in spite of the disastrous incidents took place in her life.She has got an enviable mental strength which we hope, will uplift her always.

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